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One who has rejected authority and dogma, especially in religious thinking, in favor of rational inquiry and speculation.

free′think′ing adj. & n.
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Noun1.freethinking - the doctrine that reason is the right basis for regulating conduct
doctrine, ism, philosophical system, philosophy, school of thought - a belief (or system of beliefs) accepted as authoritative by some group or school


A. ADJlibrepensador
B. Nlibrepensamiento m
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Hence it follows of necessity, that vast numbers of our people are compelled to seek their livelihood by begging, robbing, stealing, cheating, pimping, flattering, suborning, forswearing, forging, gaming, lying, fawning, hectoring, voting, scribbling, star-gazing, poisoning, whoring, canting, libelling, freethinking, and the like occupations:" every one of which terms I was at much pains to make him understand.
She was more affected by the request of the committee of a freethinking club, established in the town by some of the factory hands (which he had striven against with might and main, and nearly suppressed), that some of their number might be allowed to help bear the coffin, than by anything else.
She will remain an icon of freethinking for women, modernity, and Islam in a troubled era.
Freethinking Parents Group, Are you raising kids without religion?
Amy Nelson, of Dr Martens, said: "For over fifty years, Dr Martens boots have found their way into the wardrobes of freethinking individuals as a statement of rebellious self-expression and creativity.
com, as well as any freethinking people who choose to engage in fully lawful online activities.
Machete-wielding assailants hacked to death a blogger in the Bangladeshi capital of Dhaka, in the latest of a series of attacks on writers who support freethinking values in the Muslim-majority nation.
Mr Davies said: "What I am confident of is that it will be a package that will have the tools to do the job and put many of the constitutional arguments to bed that so blight political discussions here in Wales and stop many of the freethinking ideas around health and education.
As a platform to honor independent books of exceptional merit, The Eric Hoffer Award has grown in prominence since its founding at the start of the 21st century to honor freethinking writers and independent books of exceptional merit.
First, the actual history of the relationship between science and religion in the West is completely different from the "heroic freethinking atheists vs.
Data-driven politics assumes that demography is destiny, that the electorate is not best seen as a group of freethinking citizens but as a collection of demographic slices.
Our development as freethinking persons depends upon exposure to new and challenging ideas - the kind often found in controversial works.