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1. Goods carried by a vessel or vehicle, especially by a commercial carrier; cargo.
2. A burden; a load.
a. Commercial transportation of goods.
b. The charge for transporting goods. Also called freightage.
4. A railway train carrying goods only.
tr.v. freight·ed, freight·ing, freights
1. To convey commercially as cargo.
2. To load with goods to be transported.
3. To imbue with a specified element or elements: freighted her words with innuendo.

[Middle English fraught, freight, from Middle Dutch or Middle Low German vracht, vrecht; see aik- in Indo-European roots.]


literary loaded, burdened or charged (with something)
References in classic literature ?
She made little boats out of birch-bark, and freighted them with snailshells, and sent out more ventures on the mighty deep than any merchant in New England; but the larger part of them foundered near the shore.
He hesitated, pulled one way by desire, the other way by fear; then he stole to the door and peeped out, listening; and finally crept close to me and put his mouth to my ear and told me his fearful news in a whisper, and with all the cowering apprehension of one who was venturing upon awful ground and speaking of things whose very mention might be freighted with death.
For instance, we were out for a walk, and passed by some bushes that were freighted with wild goose-berries.