french fries

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French′ fries′
strips of potato that have been deep-fried. Also called French′-fried` pota′toes.
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Noun1.French fries - strips of potato fried in deep fatfrench fries - strips of potato fried in deep fat  
Irish potato, murphy, potato, spud, tater, white potato - an edible tuber native to South America; a staple food of Ireland
ranskalaiset perunatranskanperunat
sült burgonya
pražené zemiačiky
pommes fritesstrips
khoai tây rán

French fries

بَطَاطِس مَقْلِيَّة hranolky chips Pommes τηγανητές πατάτες papa frita, patatas fritas ranskalaiset perunat frites čips patate fritte フライドポテト 감자칩 chips pommes frites frytki batata frita картофель-фри pommes frites มันฝรั่งทอด kızarmış patates khoai tây rán 薯条
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The Company has been acting as the sales agent of Belgium LUTOSA branded French Fries in China for years and has gained a great reputation from Chinese consumers.
The Miami-based chain said in a statement that it gave its franchisees the option to continue selling the french fries earlier this week.
Simplot's "never fried" french fries serve up golden and crispy after 20 to 25 minutes of oven baking at 450[degrees]F.
html) recipe for double-fried french fries that is rated five stars by Food Network website visitors.
THE WIDE BELT WAS A BAD CHOICE," moaned ABC7 weatherman John Scalzi at the end of an afternoon dedicated to finding the best French fries in Sarasota.
Nonsmokers who consumed the most acrylamide from French fries, potato chips, cookies, coffee, or a popular Dutch spiced cake had roughly double the risk of uterine or ovarian (but not breast) cancer, compared to nonsmokers who got the least.
There was a time when McDonald's had French fries that lots of
Well, I think all outlets in Bahrain should change their brand of French fries and supply better looking ones instead.
French fries of Seydibey Integrated Facilities will also be served at restaurants of McDonald's in neighboring countries," Konuk said.
Fry the French fries till golden, then arrange on the plate.