frequency response

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Noun1.frequency response - (electronics) a curve representing the output-to-input ratio of a transducer as a function of frequency
sensitivity, sensitiveness - the ability to respond to physical stimuli or to register small physical amounts or differences; "a galvanometer of extreme sensitivity"; "the sensitiveness of Mimosa leaves does not depend on a change of growth"
electronics - the branch of physics that deals with the emission and effects of electrons and with the use of electronic devices
output-to-input ratio - the output power of a transducer divided by the input power
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The headphones feature 24 Ohm impedance and the frequency response range is between 20Hz-20000Hz.
As per plans, Enhanced Frequency Response would likely attain 100% active power outputone second or lessafter registering a frequency deviation, stated National Grid Electricity Transmission.
The DSP engine also ensures a linear frequency response with a FIR filter.
First, the area under the frequency response curve of the single isolated blade without the absorber is represented in Table 3.
Practically the frequency response of the phase delay can be measured in different ways e.
To realize a filter bank which can be reconfigured to accommodate multiple standards with reduced hardware overhead, we have proposed a frequency response masking (FRM) based reconfigurable filter bank (FRMFB).
Frequency Response Analysis (FRA) is a technique for assessing the power transformer condition, currently accepted worldwide as a complementary support to other diagnostic techniques, and it is especially valuable for detecting potential mechanical problems, like displacements or deformations in the windings and the core sheets, faults that are very difficult to locate with other methods (Aponte, 2011).
The measurement range of [+ or -]3 g, wide static and dynamic frequency response from zero to 500 Hz and ultra-low noise of 4 0grms below 100 Hz are combined with sensitivity of 1,200 mV/g, high immunity to thermal transients 1,500 gpk shock rating and low transverse acceleration.
The OSD PS12 outputs 175 watts@<1% THD (continuous operation at 1/8 rated power) with a frequency response of 5Hz to 180Hz (-3dB ref.
For high-volume production applications, the software includes an auto-test mode; for design verification and R&D applications, BlueAudio displays an audio FFT, frequency response curves, and THD+N against level and THD+N against frequency.
Providing additional frequency response was always deemed a waste of precious and expensive bandwidth.
The opening chapters of this textbook present the frequency-response method for system identification and comprehensive identification from frequency response (CIFER) software package as developed at the Ames Research Center.

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