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Noun1.fresh food - food that is not preserved by canning or dehydration or freezing or smokingfresh food - food that is not preserved by canning or dehydration or freezing or smoking
solid food, food - any solid substance (as opposed to liquid) that is used as a source of nourishment; "food and drink"
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After a few days, the affair began to be forgotten, as most affairs are, when wonder, having no fresh food to support it, dies away of itself.
But no letters can pass between us here,' said she, 'without giving fresh food for scandal; and when I departed, I had intended that my new abode should be unknown to you as to the rest of the world; not that I should doubt your word if you promised not to visit me, but I thought you would be more tranquil in your own mind if you knew you could not do it, and likely to find less difficulty in abstracting yourself from me if you could not picture my situation to your mind.
When the two Musketeers had entered; when the door was closed behind them; when the buzzing murmur of the antechamber, to which the summons which had been made had doubtless furnished fresh food, had recommenced; when M.
To walk with Katharine in the flesh would either feed that phantom with fresh food, which, as all who nourish dreams are aware, is a process that becomes necessary from time to time, or refine it to such a degree of thinness that it was scarcely serviceable any longer; and that, too, is sometimes a welcome change to a dreamer.
Euromonitor Digest, a monthly online publication of the Department of Trade and Industry's Export Marketing Bureau, said healthy living, coupled with population growth and government initiative, supports positive growth forecast of fresh food.
The Waterfront Market is at the forefront of this trend, rapidly gaining popularity among residents and citizens shopping for fresh food.
Since opening its doors to the public in June earlier this year, the Waterfront Market has proven popular with residents shopping for fresh food.
Leading hypermarkets in the country have taken steps to bolster the stock of fresh food items as well as other food products.
Anastasia Alieva, head of fresh food research at Euromonitor International comments, Demand in Western Europe started to positively change in 2016 departing from a negative growth sustained in the previous five years.
Telangana, July 21 -- Fresh Food Packaging is well-defined as a synchronized method of organizing food for transportation, supply, storage, transaction, and end-use to fulfill the crucial customer with optimum cost.
Linkfresh, a Fresh food supply chain software expert has named Andy Makeham as its new CEO.
SEATTLE -- "Where fresh food comes first and flavor brings people together"--that's how Kroger Co.