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Adj.1.fresh-cut - cut recently; "fresh-cut flowers"
fresh - recently made, produced, or harvested; "fresh bread"; "a fresh scent"; "fresh lettuce"
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The fire was laid, candles in the candelabra, refreshments upon the table, books scattered about, fresh-cut flowers in the vases.
Flour cakes of the best, twelve in number, two feet across and soaked in rum, shall be yours on the instant, and two hundred pounds weight of fresh-cut young sugar-cane therewith.
She saw a tall, broad-shouldered man riding in from distant fields; she saw herself waiting to greet him with an armful of fresh-cut roses from the bushes which flanked the little rustic gate before her.
The quality of fresh-cut melon stored at 4 C was also analyzed.
a regional fresh-cut produce processor serving Southern-California foodservice distributors and industrial customers.
It is cut and prepared at one of our nine strategically located fresh-cut facilities reducing safety issues and prep time for retailers and restaurants.
The redesigned Auto Dryer removes surface water from fresh-cut produce while enabling continuous line flow.
Fresh-cut orange and grapefruit have high respiration rates and are very susceptible to microbial spoilage.
Packaging in fresh-cut produce can be as important as the product inside.
This is a fresh-cut flower market and floral supply outlet franchise.
Key Technology introduces the redesigned Flume Wash for fresh-cut produce.
Such novel antimicrobials could eventually become an asset to the fast-growing fresh-cut produce industry, which provides packaged sliced fruits and bagged salads.