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(freʃ) adjective
1. newly made, gathered, arrived etc. fresh fruit (= fruit that is not tinned, frozen etc); fresh flowers.
2. (of people etc) healthy; not tired. You are looking very fresh this morning.
3. another; different; not already used, begun, worn, heard etc. a fresh piece of paper; fresh news.
4. (of weather etc) cool; refreshing. a fresh breeze; fresh air.
5. (of water) without salt. The swimming-pool has fresh water in it, not sea water.
ˈfreshen verb
1. to become fresh or cool. The wind began to freshen.
2. (often with up) to (cause to) become less tired or untidy looking. I must freshen up before dinner.
ˈfreshly adverb
newly; recently. freshly gathered plums; freshly arrived.
ˈfresh-water adjective
of inland rivers or lakes; not of the sea. fresh-water fish.
References in classic literature ?
Even a little fresh-water crab in a brook was enough to send him shrieking to shore.
In this manner, pools and ponds, and even the great fresh-water lakes, may be stagnant, as you and I both know they are, having seen them; but when you come to spread water over a great tract, like the sea, where the earth is round, how in reason can the water be quiet?
They did not know that the quicker a fresh-water fish is on the fire after he is caught the better he is; and they reflected little upon what a sauce open-air sleeping, open-air exercise, bathing, and a large ingredient of hunger make, too.
He showed me in a moment that they were just the sort of fresh-water swabs we had to fear in an adventure of importance.
A young Martian, there can now be no dispute, was really born upon earth during the war, and it was found attached to its parent, partially BUDDED off, just as young lilybulbs bud off, or like the young animals in the fresh-water polyp.