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Noun1.Freshman class - the first class in college or high schoolfreshman class - the first class in college or high school
year, class - a body of students who graduate together; "the class of '97"; "she was in my year at Hoehandle High"
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I had made up my mind to do a lot of college requirement work in the summer, and to enter the freshman class at the university without conditions in the fall.
The members of the freshman class of 109 students are from 20 nations, including the first citizen from Moldova and the first female students from China.
The freshman class also includes 48 Qatari nationals, which is the second largest intake since CMU-Q opened its doors in 2004.
With considerable effort, the University of Oregon attracted 50 additional black students to its freshman class this fall.
On Friday, August 5, 2016, the Marshall University School of Medicine welcomed its newest freshman class --86 students--at the Erma O.
AP) -- At first, Lily Gunter didn't realize she would be part of the first freshman class at OSU-Cascades.
MILLBURY - On April 29, the Freshman Academy at Millbury High School held its Term 3 Awards Ceremony for the freshman class of 2016.
In this week's TribCast, Evan, Ross, Elise and Reeve discuss the freshman class at the Lege, the ongoing speaker's race and potential cuts to higher education.
Following a summer vacation with her aunt in Rome, Madeline skyrockets from invisible eighth grader to Most Popular and half of Freshman Class Couple.
For each incoming freshman class since 1989, they have created a list to help college faculty better understand the prospective of the new incoming freshman class.
Composition of the universityAEs freshman class for 2014 reveals its popularity in the US
Also, the percentage of blacks and Hispanics in Berkeley's freshman class fell from 22% to 12% between 1997 and 1998.