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fret 1

v. fret·ted, fret·ting, frets
1. To be vexed or troubled; worry. See Synonyms at brood.
2. To be worn or eaten away; become corroded.
3. To move agitatedly.
4. To gnaw with the teeth in the manner of a rodent.
1. To cause to be uneasy; vex: "fret thy soul with crosses and with cares" (Edmund Spenser).
a. To gnaw or wear away; erode.
b. To produce a hole or worn spot in; corrode.
3. To form (a passage or channel) by erosion.
4. To disturb the surface of (water or a stream); agitate.
1. The act or an instance of fretting.
2. A hole or worn spot made by abrasion or erosion.
3. Irritation of mind; agitation.

[Middle English freten, from Old English fretan, to devour; see ed- in Indo-European roots.]

fret 2

One of several ridges set across the fingerboard of certain stringed instruments, such as guitars.
tr.v. fret·ted, fret·ting, frets
1. To provide with frets.
2. To press (the strings of an instrument) against the frets.

[Origin unknown.]

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fret designs

fret 3

1. An ornamental design consisting of repeated and symmetrical geometric figures, often in relief, contained within a band or border. Also called key pattern.
2. A headdress, worn by women of the Middle Ages, consisting of interlaced wire.
tr.v. fret·ted, fret·ting, frets
To provide with such a design or headdress.

[Middle English, interlaced work, from Old French frete.]


1. (Art Terms) ornamented with angular designs or frets
2. (Building) decorated with fretwork
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Adj.1.fretted - having frets
music - an artistic form of auditory communication incorporating instrumental or vocal tones in a structured and continuous manner
unfretted - without frets
2.fretted - having a pattern of fretwork or latticework
reticular, reticulate - resembling or forming a network; "the reticulate veins of a leaf"; "a reticulated highway system"


[ˈfrɛtɪd] adjintagliato/a, traforato/a