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Readily crumbled; brittle: friable asbestos insulation.

[Latin friābilis, from friāre, to crumble.]

fri′a·bil′i·ty n.


the condition of being easily crumbled or pulverized.
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Noun1.friability - excessive breakableness
breakableness - the consistency of something that breaks under pressure


[ˌfraɪəˈbɪlɪtɪ] n (frm) → friabilità
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If a steel casting application called for a reduction in friability and brittleness, then the answer would be to add or change the quantity of cereal or starch.
jpg Table 2: Mineralization and Alteration Summer drill program: West McArthur Hole # Alteration Max-U-ppm Comments SandStone: Bleaching from 818m, Friability from 756m, - 1.
Problems associated with earlier water-blown rigid foams have included higher thermal conductivity, higher foaming pressure, lower dimensional stability, and poor adhesion because of surface friability.
Through the testing, Hydrobond was shown to improve mulling times and efficiencies, resulting in higher green strength, lower moisture contents, higher green tensile strength, lower sand friability and lower dry strength.
After 15 formulations were tested without success, the ProSolv SMCC formulation reduced friability and flow problems and met all other target specifications using only two excipients, compared to five in traditional formulations.
Many have legacy systems to analyze properties such as tablet hardness, tablet coating adhesion, gelatin capsule strength, diametrical tablet compression and granule friability (compression), among others.
Due to faster hydration, the material increases green sand compression strength and green tensile strength, improves moldability, reduces friability, lowers moistures and generates improved consistency in the return sand.
EasyTec[TM] tablets satisfy pharmacopoeial requirements for hardness and friability when compared to conventional tablets, therefore conventional high-speed rotary tablet presses are used for tablet compression and there is no requirement for specialized packaging.
Characteristic mucosal changes of UC seen on endoscopy include loss of vascular pattern, granularity, friability, and ulceration.
The sand mixture then was tested for moisture, compactibility, green strength, dry strength, friability, cone jolt, permeability and specimen weight using AFS sand test guidelines.
FR-D is a clear liquid with 12,000 cp viscosity, containing 14% phosphorus and has been used in both rigid urethane and modified isocyanurate foams without affecting friability.