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n. pl. fri·ar·ies
A monastery of friars.


n, pl -aries
(Ecclesiastical Terms) Christianity a convent or house of friars


(ˈfraɪ ə ri)

n., pl. -ar•ies.
a monastery of friars.
[1300–50; Middle English frari < Anglo-French, Old French frairie, frarie; see friar, -y3]


 a convent or brotherhood of friars, 1538.
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Noun1.friary - a monastery of friarsfriary - a monastery of friars    
monastery - the residence of a religious community


[ˈfraɪərɪ] Nmonasterio m


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The Friary has a serene feel to it from the outside,all welcoming statues and flower beds, but austerity becomes the order of the day as you approach the imposing main door.
Real estate investment and asset management group Quidnet Capital, which was represented by international real estate adviser Savills, has sold 1-2 The Friary, in Cardiff, to a syndicate of wealth management company Lewis Investment for PS4m, representing a net initial yield of 6.
Excavation of the Friary site started in 1974 when members of the Surrey Archaeological Society carried out a dig to try to find out more about the Dominican Friary, which was known to have been there in mediaeval times.
Francis of Assisi, also known as Saint Francesco and one of two patron saints of Italy, from the saint's location in France to a friary in Italy.
The Authority is seeking expressions of interest to appoint a suitably qualified and experience main contract for the purpose of residential conversion and construction of new build residential development at The Friary in Maldon.
The tour starts at Grey's Monument where, in the 13th century, a Franciscan Friary was sited.
The award-winning coffee shop chain opens its new store at The Friary today, after taking up commercial space created next to Principality Building Society's Queen Street head office.
It was in August 2012 that the University of Leicester, in conjunction with the Richard III Society and the city council, set out to find the Greyfriars friary where historical records said that the king was buried after his death at the Battle of Bosworth Field, 15 miles away.
Simpson, 85, of Olton Friary in Solihull, denies indecently assaulting the alleged victim, who complained to police last year.
Mary's Church, the Friary and North Bar and settings such as the market areas and race course, Beverley ranks as one of this country's most attractive market towns.
4% interest in UK commercial insurance broker Oval Limited to Friary Intermediate Limited, part of US Arthur J Gallagher & Co (NYSE:AJG), for GBP70m (USD116.
Paul's Friary in Clearwater-a converted motel where he lives with other Franciscan brothers who return from missions and hope to escape the winter cold-there was a blank wall in the dining hall crying out for a mural.