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v. frib·bled, frib·bling, frib·bles
To waste (time, for example); fritter (something) away.
To waste time.
1. A trifle; a frivolity.
2. A frivolous person.

[Origin unknown.]

frib′bler n.
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All I want is to answer to my blood, direct, without fribbling interventions of mind, or moral, or what not.
As the contrast between Maurice and Bertie dissolves, the binary oppositions that seem to support the story's doctrinal hierarchy (blindness over sight, darkness over light, blood-consciousness over fribbling intellect) turn out to be far less stable than readings like Mendel's must assume, creating instabilities that question the very values that the story seems designed to affirm.
In the Collings letter, Lawrence spoke of his desire "to answer to his blood, direct, with no fribbling intervention of mind" (my emphasis).