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A cut of veal that has been larded and braised.

[French, from fricasser, to fricassee; see fricassee.]


(ˈfrɪkənˌdəʊ) or


n, pl -deaus, -deaux or -does (-ˌdəʊz)
(Cookery) a larded and braised veal fillet
[C18: from Old French, probably based on fricassee]
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Noun1.fricandeau - larded veal braised and glazed in its own juices
roast veal, veal roast - cut of veal suitable for roasting
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If his omelettes - if his fricandeaux were inestimable, what littérateur of that day would not have given twice as much for an "Idée de Bon-Bon" as for all the trash of "Idées" of all the rest of the savants ?
sesquioxydizing (1755), jennyrickshaws (108), sambuq (29), pistoletto (11), fricandeaux (72), perfrigerated (20), vegetablez (35), overwhelming (72) + 50-point bonus = 2152 points.