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Hot mutton chops, fried chicken, omelettes, fried potatoes and coffee-- all excellent.
who had incautiously pulled a fried babe from the waste-dump and
He awoke at last, drowsy and lazy, and casting his eyes about in every direction, observed, "There comes, if I don't mistake, from the quarter of that arcade a steam and a smell a great deal more like fried rashers than galingale or thyme; a wedding that begins with smells like that, by my faith, ought to be plentiful and unstinting.
There was a wall made of cheeses arranged like open brick-work, and two cauldrons full of oil, bigger than those of a dyer's shop, served for cooking fritters, which when fried were taken out with two mighty shovels, and plunged into another cauldron of prepared honey that stood close by.
Fried potatoes with onions like mother used to make.
The first speaker thought the best policy would be to offer a fried jackass to the gods.
Here were old friends aboard, who fried my black bass in olive oil.
Warmed-over flapjacks, warmed-over beans, fried bacon, and coffee composed the breakfast.
That night, a little before dawn, Dan and Harvey, who had been sleeping most of the day, tumbled out to "hook" fried pies.
He did a great deal of thinking in those dreary days; and told Dan what he thought, and Dan agreed with him - even to the extent of asking for fried pies instead of hooking them.
L to R: Lauren Hochfelder Silverman, Morgan Stanley; Jonathan Mechanic, Fried Frank LLP; John Klopp, Morgan Stanley
com/The-Blue-Store-DBA-Triplets-Foodmart-169181446465521/) Blue Store , Baton Rouge, Louisiana:  Blue Store is famous for its crunchy and spicy fried chicken wings.