friendly relationship

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Noun1.friendly relationship - the state of being friends (or friendly)friendly relationship - the state of being friends (or friendly)
relationship - a state involving mutual dealings between people or parties or countries
blood brotherhood - the friendship characteristic of blood brothers
companionship, fellowship, society, company - the state of being with someone; "he missed their company"; "he enjoyed the society of his friends"
confidence, trust - a trustful relationship; "he took me into his confidence"; "he betrayed their trust"
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He said the friendly relationship between Manila and Beijing has brought peace in the region and has increased the number of Chinese tourists and investments in the country.
Singh noted that India wanted to maintain a friendly relationship with its neighbour, but Pakistan 'was not mending its ways.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Nov 28 (ANI-BusinessWireIndia): Alexander Dworkin, the person who attacked the Bhagavad Gita in Russia six years ago is now attacking a prominent public figure and spiritual Guru Shri Prakash Ji, who has been living in Russia for past twenty-seven years and his spiritual work has always been oriented towards humanity, peace and building a friendly relationship between Russia and India.
The two also confirmed there was good operative cooperation within Interpol, and a good, friendly relationship between Serbia and Romania.
We highly value the traditionally good and friendly relationship between us and we would like t[ETH]3/4 continue them "
MOTORSPORT: Lewis Hamilton has hinted for the first time that his friendly relationship with Sebastian Vettel could be under threat after their wheel-to-wheel duel at the Spanish Grand Prix.
It 'was an opportunity for us to renew our friendly relationship and ties with the United States government and the American people,' Mayor Duterte said.
In a statement to Saudi Press Agency (SPA) on the sidelines of the celebration of the Saudi Embassy in the Russian Federation on the 86th anniversary of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's National Day, he noted that Russia is considered the first foreign country to recognize the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and that the two sides have been working all these years to develop the traditional friendly relationship between the two friendly peoples and build relationships on the basis of mutual respect and respect for the sovereignty and independence of decisions in Riyadh and Moscow.
Committee of the National People's Congress of China Republic have always maintained its friendly relationship with Iran parliament.
The ambassador has underlined the role played by Dr Awad Jazz during the last twenty years which led to the quick and comprehensive development in the relations between the two counties, making them a model for the friendly relationship between China and the Arab, African and other developing countries.
We are not against pleasant and friendly relationship between India and Pakistan but it is in no way acceptable to us that the two countries will completely ignore wishes, aspirations and sacrifices of Kashmiri people and talk about potato and onion trade," Geelani said.
A statement issued by The Abdullah bin Hamad Al Attiyah International Foundation for Energy and Sustainable Development said, "There have been a friendly relationship for a long time between Mitsui and various national partners at all levels.