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The Oddfellows Friendly Society in conjunction with the Oddfellows Hotel in Chester are hosting a Mad Hatter's Tea Party in aid of Marie Curie DON'T be late for a very important date when a Chester hotel holds a Mad Hatter's Tea Party later this month.
The 21st Girls' Friendly Society (GFS) world conference will be held at the seafront campus between Friday of this week and August 3.
The focus of this article is Building Societies and Friendly Society Loan Funds (FSLFs) and it provides a general overview of trends and developments in these mutual societies.
Chandler, chief executive of Gateshead-based Traidcraft, will serve as a non-executive director with friendly society Engage Mutual.
Friendly societies in particular have an affinity with Shari'ah principles because all contributions to a friendly society are made voluntarily.
QDOES the Friendly Society of Agricultural Labourers, formed by The Tolpuddle Martyrs, still exist as part of another union?
Speaking about the decision to rename the business, Mike Perry (pictured), PG Mutual chief executive, said: "PG Mutual is a Friendly Society established in 1928 for the benefit of its members.
The biggest impact that it (laughter yoga) has on the society is it makes people more friendly, creates a friendly society where people have the habit if being friendly, to smile to each other," Sky News quoted him as saying.
The friendly society have also invested in JCAD's new technology solution, Action Tracker.
WILLIAM ROBINSON proposed a seemingly radical plan to his fellow members in the Stanhope Agricultural Oddfellows Lodge, a Durham County friendly society of which he was the medical officer.
The end of the Child Trust Fund (CTF) means friendly societies can devise other savings schemes for youngsters, says Neil Armitage of the Foresters Friendly Society.
Clients include the likes of the Institute of Actuaries, Foresters Friendly Association, The Oddfellows Friendly Society (Manchester Unity Friendly Society) and the Fire Brigades Union.