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1. Unworthy of serious attention; trivial: a frivolous novel.
2. Inappropriately silly: a frivolous purchase.

[Middle English, probably from Latin frīvolus, of little value, probably from friāre, to crumble.]

friv′o·lous·ly adv.
friv′o·lous·ness n.
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Adv.1.frivolously - in a frivolous manner; "she spends her time frivolously enjoying the easy life of a rich and spoiled girl"
بِطَيْش، بدون جَدِّيَّـه، باسْتِهْتار
af alvöruleysi, af léttúî


[ˈfrɪvələslɪ] ADVfrívolamente


advfrivol; remark alsoleichtfertig


[ˈfrɪvələslɪ] advfrivolamente


(ˈfrivələs) adjective
not serious; playful. He wasted his time on frivolous pleasures.
ˈfrivolously adverb
ˈfrivolousness noun
friˈvolity (-ˈvo-) nounplural friˈvolities
1. frivolousness. The frivolity of his behaviour.
2. a frivolous action or thought. I have no time for frivolities.
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That I suffered much in these contentions, that they filled me with unhappiness and remorse, and yet that I had a sustaining sense that it was required of me, in right and honour, to keep away from myself, with shame, the thought of turning to the dear girl in the withering of my hopes, from whom I had frivolously turned when they were bright and fresh - which consideration was at the root of every thought I had concerning her - is all equally true.
She thought her too fashionably dressed, frivolously gay and vain.
During the previous period woman, in fashionable circles, had been treated as an elegant toy, of whom nothing was expected but to be frivolously attractive.
Following the investigation of a miner's allegations of discrimination, the Secretary can seek temporary reinstatement of a miner if he "finds that such complaint was not frivolously brought.
The series presented Yemenis as a group of militants who spearhead terror cells and behave stupidly and frivolously.
With a 15-point lead over champions Manchester City, United have all-but cruised to a title they frivolously surrendered during the final weeks of last season.
You can't take head injuries too frivolously either.
We may frivolously consider that we may attempt to carry out the will of the people who vote for me and will --''
The space agency is crazy not just because it's taking on such a wacko project, but because it couldn't pick a worse time to frivolously waste limited and irreplaceable resources.
Frivolously, I wondered if it was a method of driving men over the top.
This takes the money away from your regular bank account and so removes the temptation to spend frivolously.