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adj, -gier or -giest
of, like, or relating to frogs; full of frogs


(ˈfrɒg i, ˈfrɔ gi)

adj. -gi•er, -gi•est.
1. of or characteristic of a frog: a froggy voice.
2. abounding in frogs.
mangeur de grenouilles


n (Brit, pej inf) → Franzose m, → Französin f, → Franzmann m (dated inf)
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This marks the start of a ribbeting year for your favourite frog in 2018, as we launch an exciting promotion with Merlin as well as lots more froggy fun to come later in the year.
I'm a warm, pilled-out froggy, whizzing my golf cart around the internet, doffing my wool cap to everyone I pass.
a froggy daughter who traveled down the Mississippi to follow a dream of becoming a great blues singer, inspiring other animal friends to become blues musicians along the way.
The water is too blue for swimming, the trampoline is too yellow for bouncing and his froggy friends are too alarmed by his melt-downs, with the inevitable outcome--poor Grumpy Frog is left all alone, on his green log, to contemplate his predicament.
Participating musicians include the Survivors, the Red Pajamas, Carl Faddis, Al Rivers and John Bryson, Mike Brewer and Russ Whitlatch, SoupCan Rogers and Froggy.
19 ANIMALS A lizard who's had enough of his froggy friend - and a stray pup who's now an internet sensation.
The Ugly Duckling trying to make some froggy friends
The Froggy Holster is a small, lightweight holster with a gel comfort core.
Writers have had to rejig the storyline so that froggy Harry takes centre stage - or lily pad, while illustrators have had to remove Zayn's frog altogether.
7, Pittsburgh's New Hot Country," putting it in direct competition with CBS Radio's heritage WDSY-FM and Keymarket's Froggy trimulcast in the region that includes Pittsburgh and Wheeling, WV.
One phrase you'll never hear Corporal Froggy Chauffour utter is "yeah, that'll do" as he nit-picks over hangers facing the wrong way, swears at T-shirts stacked incorrectly and explodes over dust.
Bordeaux was 23 when she was last seen on the early morning of April 14, 2012, at Froggy Bottoms bar in Fayetteville, where she had gone to sing karaoke.