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 (frôg′măn′, -mən, frŏg′-)
A swimmer provided with breathing apparatus and other equipment to execute underwater maneuvers, especially military maneuvers.


n, pl -men
(Swimming, Water Sports & Surfing) a swimmer equipped with a rubber suit, flippers, and breathing equipment for working underwater


(ˈfrɒgˌmæn, -mən, ˈfrɔg-)

n., pl. -men (-ˌmɛn, -mən)
a swimmer specially equipped with air tanks, wet suit, diving mask, etc., for underwater demolition, salvage, military operations, scientific exploration, and the like.
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Noun1.frogman - someone who works underwaterfrogman - someone who works underwater  
deep-sea diver - a diver in the deeper parts of the sea
explorer, adventurer - someone who travels into little known regions (especially for some scientific purpose)
pearl diver, pearler - a diver who searches for molluscs containing pearls
scuba diver - an underwater diver who uses scuba gear
ضِفْدَع بَشَري
žabí muž
froskmaîur, sundkafari
žabí muž
kurbağa adam


[ˈfrɒgmən] N (frogmen (pl)) → hombre rana m


[ˈfrɒgmən] nhomme-grenouille mfrog-march frogmarch [ˈfrɒgmɑːrtʃ] vt
to frog-march sb out (= hustle) → faire sortir qn de force
They frog-marched the men to the police station → Ils ont emmené de force les hommes au commissariat.frogs' legs npl (as food)cuisses fpl de grenouilles


[ˈfrɒgmən] n (-men (pl)) → sommozzatore m, uomo m rana inv


(frog) noun
a small jumping animal, without a tail, that lives on land and in water.
ˈfrogman noun
an underwater swimmer who uses breathing apparatus and flippers.
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The three watches in the collection -- the GW9300SR-4 MUDMAN, the GW9400SRJ-4 RANGEMAN, and the GWF1000SR-4 FROGMAN -- are all featured in a sunrise purple color theme, which is a fusion of magenta and purple.
A local fireman and former naval frogman contacted the paper claiming he'd taken pictures of the elusive monster.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Palestinian Movement Hamas on Monday denied Egyptian media reports that it was training frogman to strike "strategic Egyptian targets", including Egypt's Mediterranean gas fields.
Frogman: A mischievous and dangerous mutant, Frogman is a fusion between a human and a frog where his tongue becomes his most powerful and sharpest hunting weapon.
The three then had to be rescued by another boat which was standing by with a frogman aboard.
The Inaugural Aaron Vaughn Frogman Swim and Family Day will take place Saturday, June 30th at Jensen Beach Park in Martin County.
The 61-year-old was stunned when he reeled in his "catch" and spotted the poor frogman on the end of his line in some distress.
DUMPED: Frogman retrieves pushchair Picture: NIGEL BENNETT; VANISHED: Little Shannon
The BBC reported a former Russian frogman has told a Russian documentary team that he cut the British diver's throat as he caught him placing a mine on the ship's hull.
Elizabeth Kauffman Bush has written a marvelous account of one such hero, her brother, Draper Kauffman--the nation's first frogman and the founder of the Navy SEALs.
From surviving his time as a prisoner of the Germans, to his acclaimed wartime service disarming enemy bombs and establishing bomb disposal schools, to the underwater demolition teams he led at Saipan, Tinian, Iwo Jima, and Okinawa, America's First Frogman is an amazing true story of skill, courage, dedication, high standards, and excellence under extreme pressure.
Navy Frogman BM1 Louis Kucnski (right) wears an MK V Semi-Closed Circuit Underwater Breathing Apparatus.