from pillar to post

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a. A slender, freestanding, vertical support; a column.
b. Such a structure or one similar to it used for decoration.
2. One who occupies a central or responsible position: a pillar of the state.
tr.v. pil·lared, pil·lar·ing, pil·lars
To support or decorate with pillars or a pillar.
from pillar to post
From one place to another; hither and thither.

[Middle English, from Old French pilier, from Medieval Latin pīlāre, from Latin pīla.]
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Adv.1.from pillar to post - from one place or situation to another; "we were driven from pillar to post"
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And here have I been knocking about, year after year, from pillar to post, as if I was no more than the commonest feller in the parish.
We just get fired around from pillar to post and get licked here and get licked there, and nobody knows what it's done for.
At any rate, during the period of Lop-Ear's marriage I knocked about from pillar to post, in danger every night that I slept, and never comfortable.
Why, the man was so badgered and worried and tortured by being knocked about from post to pillar, and from pillar to post," said Mr.
A senior citizen couple has been running from pillar to post to get their FIR registered since the past 10 days.
The suspension of salaries had caused de-motivation among the employees, who have been going from pillar to post to get their salaries released.
He said that he and his family members went from pillar to post to trace him but to no purpose.
We need to tear up the model where family doctors were organised separately from hospital specialists and patients with chronic health conditions are increasingly passed from pillar to post.
He's been passed from pillar to post at times, but always responds well.
I've got a political football, I kick it from pillar to post.
Many people are running from pillar to post to reschedule their journeys on some other flights, and to get their money back from Bahrain Air.
He said that kiths and kin of the missing person are moving from pillar to post but the responsible circles have not any concern on the issue.