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fron·tal 1

1. Of, relating to, directed toward, or situated at the front: a frontal attack.
2. Anatomy
a. Of or relating to the forehead or frontal bone.
b. Of or relating to the frontal plane.
3. Of or relating to a meteorological front.

fron′tal·ly adv.

fron·tal 2

1. A drapery covering the front of an altar.
2. The façade of a building.

[Middle English frontel, from Old French, from Medieval Latin frontāle, from Latin frōns, front-, forehead, front.]
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Adv.1.frontally - in, at, or toward the front
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It takes stock of situation realistically, formulates a coherent strategy and fields right people to take on its rivals frontally.
The Senate president, who lauded the efforts of the police in ensuring a peaceful and secure society, said the security challenges confronting the country should be tackled frontally.
The original production caused a sensation in Broadway in 1968 when the cast appeared frontally in their birthday suits without an ounce of self consciousness.
Going forward, therefore, all manner of violence against women must be confronted frontally and pursued with utmost vigour and sense of purpose it deserves.
Hanoi remains bitterly opposed to Chinese activity in the South China Sea, but does not have the naval and military clout to frontally oppose its stronger neighbour.
One characteristic of his work, the tendency to flatten, or make objects frontally face the viewer, gives his paintings an unnatural appearance.
So we expect that all of the problems associated with that road which was constructed for well over 40 years ago which has outgrown its design life and also its design capacity those problems will now be frontally responded to by the award of this contract.
The process frontally attacks their competence and consumes much time and energy, notwithstanding there being little or no exposure of personal assets because of insurance protection.
In a dark, "cool" setting, the appliance is presented frontally, making its illuminated screen look like a window to the outside world: The viewer's gaze wanders with a peculiar vagueness past three deck chairs and a railing to a partly cloudy sky.
Finally, two letters have had the courage to address the issue frontally and stop pussyfooting around.
For black Americans, too, the Obama presidency creates perhaps unrealistic expectations -- not that racism could somehow magically end but that it would be fully acknowledged and frontally addressed.
Where these films show Wayne tackling topical issues frontally, others place him in an allegorical or historical setting that resonates with contemporary trends.