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Few will forget the moment in April 2011 when he shouted at the Labour frontbencher Angela Eagle to "calm down, dear" as she berated him for misleading MPs at prime minister's questions.
3 ( ANI ): Australia's Coalition frontbencher Christopher Pyne has said that the federal government is unravelling like Hitler's government in the 2004 movie Downfall, that depicts the final days of Hitler's reign.
The Labour frontbencher warned the plan would "corrupt university admissions with a two tier system - one for the best qualified applicants, another for those with access to fatter cheque books".
All parties backed the fresh probe - sparked by Labour frontbencher Chris Bryant, who said he believed many MPs from all sides of the Commons had been targeted.
Former frontbencher David Davis (left) is alleged to have repeated jibes by billionaire Tory benefactor Lord Ashcroft, who compared Prime Minister David Cameron and his Liberal Democrat deputy Nick Clegg to the lead characters in Ang Lee's Oscar-winning "gay cowboy" movie Brokeback Mountain.
Summary: A frontbencher has been sacked after calling for an inquiry into allegations that Israeli soldiers were involved in organ-trafficking.
Howard, 70, was admitted to hospital in Sydney on Friday after suffering an anaphylactic reaction during routine dental treatment, the news agency said, quoting a leading opposition frontbencher, according to Reuters.
It came amid pressure on Home Secretary Jacqui Smith to make a statement to the Commons tomorrow about the inquiry, which led to the arrest of Conservative frontbencher Damian Green.
Mr Johnson's relations with the committee have been deteriorating since he initially declined to give evidence in person for their inquiry into the arrest of Tory frontbencher Damian Green.
His move follows pressure from heads, governors and MPs led by Tory frontbencher Bernard Jenkin and former Labour welfare minister Frank Field.
One of those behind the campaign, prominent frontbencher Philip Hogan, is a member of the Committee on Enterprise and Small Business that will quiz supermarket executives.
LABOUR'S shoot-to-kill row grew yesterday as a senior frontbencher backed taking out terrorists threatening civilians.