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 (frôth, frŏth)
1. A mass of bubbles in or on a liquid; foam.
2. Salivary foam released as a result of disease or exhaustion.
3. Something unsubstantial or trivial: "The frivolous side of the Sixties—fashion, pop culture, sex—should not be dismissed as mere froth and show" (Tony Judt).
4. High prices unwarranted by economic fundamentals: a housing market with a lot of froth.
5. A fit of anger or vexation: was in a froth over the long delay.
v. (also frôth, frŏth) frothed, froth·ing, froths
1. To cover with foam.
2. To cause to foam.
To exude or expel foam: a dog frothing at the mouth.

[Middle English, from Old Norse frodha.]
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Adj.1.frothing - producing or covered with lathery sweat or saliva from exhaustion or disease; "the rabid animal's frothing mouth"
unhealthy - not in or exhibiting good health in body or mind; "unhealthy ulcers"
References in classic literature ?
I glimpsed him just before he reached the doorway and the sight of him, now roaring as he perceived his lifeless fellow stretched upon the floor, and frothing at the mouth, in the extremity of his rage, filled me, I must confess, with dire forebodings.
As they had approached the limits of the city they had witnessed the actions of the bull ape as he bolted into the building, frothing with rage.
They had passed by me, and two were stooping over the frothing, tu- multuous ruins of their comrade.
And the thing jumped at them and gnashed its teeth and then spat upon them from frothing lips.
Such an individual seated in his arm-chair, his mug of ale frothing on the round table before him, is to be seen in any circuit of five or six miles among these hills, if you go at the right time after dinner.
To prevent dal from frothing: Add a teaspoon of oil when cooking dal to prevent it from frothing and spilling all over.
The teeter bed is constantly aerated by injecting compressed air and a small amount of frothing agent into the fluidization water.
The froth Max holds 8 ounces for frothing or 12 ounces for heating without frothing.
Measuring mass air flow (rather than volumetric flow) is critical to the efficiency and stability of the frothing process due to the large variations in ambient air temperature that occur in comparison with the smaller changes in slurry temperature.
A HEROIN user has been banned from driving after being found frothing at the mouth behind the wheel.
There's also a stainless steel milk frothing arm to create the perfect creamy cappuccino every time.