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a. The act of rubbing against or touching the body of an unsuspecting person, as in a crowd, to attain sexual gratification.
b. The act of consensual rubbing between two or more people, either clothed or unclothed, to attain sexual gratification.
a. A method of making a design by placing a piece of paper on top of an object and then rubbing over it, as with a pencil or charcoal.
b. A design so made.

[French, from frotter, to rub, from Old French froter.]


(ˈfrɒtɑːʒ; French frɔtaʒ)
1. (Art Terms) the act or process of taking a rubbing from a rough surface, such as wood, for a work of art
2. sexual excitement obtained by rubbing against another person's clothed body
[French, from frotter to rub]



1. a technique in the visual arts of obtaining textural effects or images by rubbing lead, chalk, charcoal, etc., over paper laid on a granular or relieflike surface.
2. sexual stimulation through rubbing the genitals against another person.
[1930–35; < French]


the act of rubbing against another person for sexual gratification. — frotteur, n.
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Noun1.frottage - masturbation by rubbing against another person (as in a crowd)
masturbation, onanism - manual stimulation of the genital organs (of yourself or another) for sexual pleasure
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He offers direction on perspective and a number of techniques such as frottage and the scribble method.
Galleria Carla Sozzani exhibited some of his more erotic works, which he started making in the late '60s using photographic reproductions and frottage.
Creating organic shapes made of dripped wax and rubbing the surface with the pencil, like Surrealist frottage (rubbing), the artist reveals beautiful and elusive forms.
When questioned about this technique of frottage, which renders the surface of the canvas powdery, velvety and opaque, Spalletti remarks that he is searching for 'the pigment dust's final burst'.
Such methods, which approximate the frottage techniques of Max Ernst, are another sign of Adler's individualism: as Woodcock notes, his technique 'is boldly experimental, carrying into the work of his brush and knife a three dimensional element that suggests the building up and cutting away into sculptural relief and adds the virtues of its varying planes of light to the resources of colour and surface form'.
surrealista, aqui como nunca, es un frottage hecho sobre el
Imagenes simples y compuestas, perspectivas fantaseadas, incongruencia visual, abstraccion organica, automatismo, azar, frottage y collage; pero sobre todo, una habilidad para transformar el objeto casual en un nudo de significaciones esteticas.
embassy in Mexico and again touches on the frottage of sex and service.
Otros procedimientos creativos surrealistas como el "cadaver exquisito", el collage y el frottage favorecian de forma equivalente, tanto desde la poesia como desde la plastica, la exclusion de toda actividad e intervencion consciente del poeta y/o artista.
Del frottage de la superficie de piedra ha ido emergiendo, poco a poco, lo que los ojos solos no llegan a ver: el trazado de un corazon, de una cruz, un rombo, el comienzo de una llamarada .
Also getting considerable attention is the progress of Neil (Josh Gad), a chubby young ER medic doing court-ordered SAA time for nonconsensual frottage.
7) As Sierz noted, anyone who turned up to see Blasted was treated to scenes of "anal rape, masturbation, micturition, defectation, fellatio, frottage, cannibalism and eye-gouging," all in the space of less than two hours.