frown upon

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Verb1.frown upon - look disapprovingly upon
disapprove - consider bad or wrong
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We inquired, and learned that the lions of Smyrna consisted of the ruins of the ancient citadel, whose broken and prodigious battlements frown upon the city from a lofty hill just in the edge of the town--the Mount Pagus of Scripture, they call it; the site of that one of the Seven Apocalyptic Churches of Asia which was located here in the first century of the Christian era; and the grave and the place of martyrdom of the venerable Polycarp, who suffered in Smyrna for his religion some eighteen hundred years ago.
Thomson was looking towards him with a slight frown upon his forehead.
The Duke, in a very old tweed coat, but immaculate as to linen and the details of his toilet, stood a little apart, with a frown upon his forehead, and exactly that absorbed air which in the House of Lords usually indicated his intention to make a speech.
Inspector Jacks subsided into a bamboo chair and looked out of the window with a frown upon his forehead.
Wingrave laughed shortly, and Aynesworth bent closer over his work, with a gathering frown upon his forehead.
Butler; but there was a frown upon his face as well.
Bestowing something half-way between a smile and a frown upon his two companions, and again beckoning them to follow him, the man hastened across the apartment, which was of considerable extent, but low in the roof.
None as yet," answered Endicott, bending his iron frown upon the culprit.