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also frow·sy  (frou′zē)
adj. frow·zi·er, frow·zi·est also frow·si·er or frow·si·est
1. Unkempt; slovenly: frowzy clothes; a frowzy professor.
2. Having an unpleasant smell; musty.

[Origin unknown.]

frow′zi·ness n.


(ˈfraʊzɪ) ,




adj, frowzier, frowziest, frouzier, frouziest, frowsier or frowsiest
1. untidy or unkempt in appearance; shabby
2. ill-smelling; frowsty
[C17: of unknown origin]
ˈfrowziness, ˈfrouziness, ˈfrowsiness n


(ˈfraʊ zi)

adj. frowz•i•er, frowz•i•est.
1. dirty and untidy; slovenly.
2. ill-smelling; musty.
frowz′i•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.frowzy - negligent of neatness especially in dress and person; habitually dirty and unkempt; "filled the door with her frowzy bulk"; "frowzy white hair"; "slovenly appearance"
untidy - not neat and tidy; "careless and untidy in her personal habits"; "an untidy living room"; "untidy and casual about money"


also frowsy
Smelling of mildew or decay:
References in classic literature ?
The old vagabond was settled again in his armchair, with his dog in his lap, his pipe in his mouth, and his French novel in his hand; exhibiting exactly the picture of frowzy comfort which he had presented when his visitors first entered the room.
A creature half alive; an imperfectly developed animal in shapeless form clad in a man's pilot jacket, and treading in a man's heavy laced boots, with nothing but an old red-flannel petticoat, and a broken comb in her frowzy flaxen hair, to tell us that she was a woman--such was the inhospitable person who had received us in the darkness when we first entered the house.
Of course I was at his mercy till the end of the half, and in his weeks my study was so frowzy I couldn't sit in it.
I walk to the front window, and look across the road upon a long, straggling row of houses, one story high, terminating, nearly opposite, but a little to the left, in a melancholy piece of waste ground with frowzy grass, which looks like a small piece of country that has taken to drinking, and has quite lost itself.
The proprietor of this charming retreat, and owner of the ragged head before mentioned--for he wore an old tie-wig as bare and frowzy as a stunted hearth-broom--had by this time joined them; and stood a little apart, rubbing his hands, wagging his hoary bristled chin, and smiling in silence.
Such hair as he had was of a grizzled black, cut short and straight upon his temples, and hanging in a frowzy fringe about his ears.