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An animal, such as a chimpanzee or fruit bat, that feeds primarily on fruit.

[From frugivorous.]


(Zoology) zoology an animal that feeds primarily on fruit
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As the Chaco chachalaca is a generalist frugivore (Caziani and Protomastro, 1994), I chose the Simpson index to minimize the influence on fruit diversity indices of the rarely available fruits and to emphasize changes in the commonly available ones.
They provided experimental evidence that secondary metabolites in fruit pulp influence retention time of seeds in frugivore guts, mediating a tradeoff between dispersal distance (retention time is positively correlated.
Food caching in the tropical frugivore, MacGregor's bowerbird (Amblyornis macGregoriae).
The number of intact seeds of each morphotype was recorded for 25 fresh piles of up to six droppings from each frugivore.
Thus, the question if food density during lean periods is a primary determinant of frugivore local density remains to be tested (Janson and Chapman, 1999; Marshall and Leighton, 2006).
For example, large seeded endozoochorus plants rely on a few large frugivore species for dispersal (Janson 1983, Peres and van Roosmalen 2002, Stevenson 2007).
CAR: carnivore, CAR-CRR: carnivore-scavenger, FRU: frugivore, FRU -INS: frugivore-insectivore, GRA: granivore, INS: insectivore, NEC: nectarivore, OMN: omnivore.
Les primatologues ont longuement detaille le regime alimentaire de l'orang-outan, a la fois folivore et frugivore selon les saisons.
Apart from that, fruits consumed by these frugivore bats are also important factor in understanding the ecology of bats.
The ability of fleshy-fruited plants for dispersal though the matrix relies on their capacity to interact with those frugivore species that move across its habitats providing key seed dispersal services.