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An animal, such as a chimpanzee or fruit bat, that feeds primarily on fruit.

[From frugivorous.]


(Zoology) zoology an animal that feeds primarily on fruit
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Knott (1998) ont montre que les orangs-outans etaient frugivores a plus de 75% au moment de la saison des fruits, mais folivores a plus de 80% lors des mois les moins pluvieux, ce qui donne une alimentation frugivore, certes, mais seulement a 60%.
The nutrition website says that the main premise is that people are really frugivores, meaning our bodies naturally prefer to eat fruit and leafy greens.
Removal of palm fruits and ecosystem engineering in palm stands by white-lipped peccaries (Tayassu pecari) and other frugivores in an isolated Atlantic Forest fragment.
This proposal aims at filling this gap by providing a large-scale and integrative assessment of seed dispersal by avian frugivores through fragmented landscapes of Europe.
As frugivores, orangutans are essential for dispersing seeds throughout the forest, and without them, several tree species would go extinct.
Indeed, they can be granivores, frugivores, nectar, exclusive or mixed insectivorous see occasional carnivores (toucon) over their need qualitative and quantitative food and necessary for their reproduction and their migration [10].
The balance of potential opportunity cost to the benefit of a potentially larger seed shadow would thus be context-dependent--if visitation by frugivores is high, then a slowrelease mechanism might be more beneficial; whereas if visitation is low, then simultaneous release might be favored.
However, bats, especially frugivores and nectarivores, can move to adjacent areas with different types of habitat that provide more resources than dry habitats (Stoner and Timm, 2011).