fruit custard

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Noun1.fruit custard - a custard containing fruit
custard - sweetened mixture of milk and eggs baked or boiled or frozen
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Then there's a chocolate fountain, passion fruit custard, various ice cream flavours, cheesecake and a horde of other cakes.
The community has potential as a fruit custard apple, so the project will require advice on the placement of gabions, Technical Assistance fruit, forest plantations ( willow, pine , agave and aloe vera ) , the development of the management plan cultivation and maintenance of civil works ( gabions ) .
In the said episode, Chloe and Kelly prepared Trio of Cheese for their entree, Peasants' Paella with Rabbit & Snails for their main dish and the controversial Millefeuille with Passion Fruit Custard and Lime Tequila Curd for dessert, wherein they used store-bought pastry instead of making it from scratch.