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1. Producing no fruit: a withered, fruitless lemon tree.
2. Not leading to success; unproductive: a fruitless search. See Synonyms at futile.

fruit′less·ly adv.
fruit′less·ness n.
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Noun1.fruitlessness - a lack of creative imagination
uncreativeness - a lack of creativity
2.fruitlessness - the quality of yielding nothing of valuefruitlessness - the quality of yielding nothing of value
quality - an essential and distinguishing attribute of something or someone; "the quality of mercy is not strained"--Shakespeare
poorness - less than adequate; "the relative poorness of New England farmland"
unproductiveness - the quality of lacking the power to produce
fruitfulness, fecundity - the quality of something that causes or assists healthy growth


The condition or quality of being useless or ineffective:
References in classic literature ?
He had found himself so strictly guarded that he soon perceived the fruitlessness of any attempt at escape.
On the following morning they rose early, made another hearty meal, then loading themselves with buffalo meat, set out on their return to the camp, to report the fruitlessness of their mission.
Similarly, the bare willows seem to signal the fruitlessness of her unrequited love.
24) Aelred of Rivaux of the same period complained of a spirit of acedia that "totally overturned my state of tranquility, and by inflicting in me horror of solitude and hatred of quietness forced me to yield to inordinate roaming, a sign of fruitlessness and danger.
The responsibility for any troubling the talks and adoption of the approaches whose fruitlessness had already been proved (in similar cases) in the past lies on the opposite side," Shamkhani underlined.
Hamm's strategy, Cavell claims, is "to perform man's last disobedience": to secure fruitlessness and to empty the world of justification and meaning, because "only a life without hope, meaning, justification, waiting, solution .
Fruitlessness of cypress and willow depicts that expecting fruit from these tress is impossible.
If the reactionary concedes the fruitlessness of his principles and the uselessness of his censures," Gomez Davila wrote in his essay "The Authentic Reactionary," "it is not because the spectacle of human confusion suffices for him.
Her response, "Too true, my lord," demonstrates the balance she maintains with Leontes: her direct answer to his question and elaboration of the fruitlessness of trying to replace Hermione evince her authority over Leontes even as her use of "my lord" indicates her deference to his monarchical position (5.
That effectively ends a player-club relationship that even by the itinerant standards of the professional game has been notable for its fruitlessness.
This experience proves the fruitlessness of forging another coalition government.
The fruitlessness of trying to legislate away slave labor in lands thousands of miles away, not to mention the unintended yet painful consequences of such endeavors, is enough to drive one as mad as Kurtz in Conrad's novel.