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1. A small fruit.
2. Botany A single member of a multiple fruit.


(Botany) a small fruit, esp one that is part of an aggregate fruit


(ˈfrut lɪt)

a small fruit, esp. one of those forming an aggregate fruit.
multiple fruit, fruitlet - The pineapple is termed a multiple fruit because it forms from the individual ovaries of several flowers; each raised button on its surface is called a fruitlet.
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Noun1.fruitlet - a diminutive fruit, especially one that is part of a multiple fruit
fruit - the ripened reproductive body of a seed plant
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M Westcott A Grease bands around apple trees are a method of stopping winter moth damage - these caterpillars eat the leaves and fruitlets.
If you are growing varieties with smaller fruits such as 'Ivory' or 'Ophelia' which are ideal for containers, you can leave around a dozen fruitlets on the plant.
If you are growing varieties with smaller fruits such as Ivory or "Ophelia" which are ideal for containers, you can leave a dozen fruitlets on the plant.
The model identified a period about one to three weeks after bloom, when an apple tree would be under carbon deficit due to the extreme demand of the excess number of young fruitlets.
This happens naturally as well - it's called June drop - but if you want bigger fruit, remove some of the smaller fruitlets.
04 cm in diameter), with elongated red bracts (FAN1 54B), showing complete overlap in relation to the fruitlets (Tables 2 and 5).
Despite being susceptible to fusariosis, this cultivar differs from the others for its sweetness and ripeness, and fruitlets are less attached and can be detached in the form of berries (USBERTI FILHO, 1999).
Until now, our talking requests on our demands have been fruitlets.
When pollination is not performed manually or is not affected due to absence of a male palm in the vicinity, all the three unfertilized carpels tend to grow together forming three parthenocarpic fruitlets of small size (Fig.
Effect of thinning blossoms and fruitlets on growth and cropping of sunset apple.
Apples that set large amounts of fruit suffer from a natural thinning-out that sheds excess fruitlets in something that is known as the "June drop".