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Research I did at the time suggested that one of the few options was for game developers to explicitly create multiple view frustums.
Each sheet measured 560 mm x 590 mm x 5 mm and contained vertical frustums formed during manufacture with 15mm deep and 15mm diameter, which acted as miniature reservoirs, giving potential volume of 1.
In order to quantify buttressing and associated stem volume, the height and diameters of conical basal buttresses and connected tree boles can be transformed into frustums for calculating volumes and the volumes can be converted to ratios for each tree.
However, the existing models, such as shooting and bouncing ray (SBR) [4], bi-directional path tracing (BDPT) [9], brick tracing (BT) [10], ray frustums (RF) [11], prior distance measure (PDM) [7], and space division (SD) [12] techniques require higher prediction time due to complex algorithms used.
A typical cone meter consists of a differential producer fixed concentrically in the center of the pressure retaining pipe by which a differential pressure can be obtained across the interface of two cone frustums via an internal port-way system.
The systems for this work are defined as frustums of length L of those solids of revolution for any positive integer n.