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Of or relating to a lichen whose thallus is branched and shrubby.

[Latin fruticōsus, from frutex, frutic-, shrub, bush.]


(ˈfru tɪˌkoʊs)

having shrublike branchings, as certain lichens.
[1660–70; < Latin fruticōsus full of shrubs, bushy]
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Adj.1.fruticose - of or relating to or resembling a shrub
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Significant correlations were also observed as existing between the foliose lichen and fruticose lichen, but only at station 1 of Lake Oubeira.
Furthermore, the highly specialized structure of the xylem throughout both stems and roots of herbaceous dicotyledons, not only affords conclusive supplementary evidence of the derivation of herbaceous from arboreal or fruticose dicotyledons, but also is an insuperable barrier to the derivation of monocotyledons from herbaceous dicotyledons.
Awasthi (Ramalinaceae) is a tufted, errect, fruticose lichen with thallus corticolous, tufted, errect, yellowish grey in colour, branched [14].
Or why lovers bother with roses instead of sending a dozen fruticose lichen thalli.
Thirty-one species are of the crustose growth form, 27 are foliose, 8 are fruticose and 3 are squamulose.
Lichens may be foliose (leafy); fruticose (shrublike or stalked); or crustose (crust-forming).