foo yong

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foo yong

(ˈfuː ˈjɒŋ) ,

foo yoong


foo yung


fu yung

(Cookery) a Chinese dish made of eggs mixed with chicken, crab meat, etc, and cooked like an omelette
[from Chinese fu yung hibiscus]
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Most dishes can be made gluten free without soy sauce, and we opted for a beef fu yung, beef in hot bean sauce, king prawn Szechuan and pork King Do (the final two were not gluten free), along with fried rice and Singapore noodles.
Please write to Madam Fu Yung, Ambassador of the People's Republic of China to the United Kingdom, The Chinese Embassy, 49-51 Portland Place, London WIB 1JL.
Was it (a) Stephen Suey (b) Stephen Fu Yung or (c) Stephen Chow?