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adj. Slang
Utterly botched or confused.

[f(ucked) u(p) b(eyond) a(ll) r(ecognition).]


(ˈfʊːbɑː) or


slang irreparably damaged or bungled
[C20: acronym for f(ucked) u(p) b(eyond) a(ll) r(epair)]
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MSIF has provided Fubar with a pounds 50, 000 loan which was part of a pounds 400, 000 funding package comprising the director's own funding, bank funding and grant aid from both the DTI and Liverpool City Council.
FUBAR owner and producer Phil Coxon, who has worked with Diana Ross and OMD, added: "We scoured the streets and pubs of Liverpool for buskers and musicians.
Los Angeles-area bars and nightclubs who are already participating in the campaign include MJ's, Little Joy, Fiesta Cantina, FuBar, Silverlake Lounge, Le Barcito, Alibis East, The Hookup, Gold Coast Bar and Hamburger Mary's.
Fubar is being cagey about the exact specification and pricing of the buggy, but say it would be produced as a low-volume model, with a top speed of around 120mph.
IN the second round of the Stuart Jones Memorial Cup FUBAR faced undefeated Waulah.
Tiny Rebel has won the Champion Beer of Wales for two years in a row for its FUBAR, and Dirty Stop Out beers.
For questions are also being asked about her former employer Fubar Radio by Coventry MP Geoffrey Robinson.
Speaking to the Weekend Hangover Show on Fubar Radio, Jonathan says Arty will be a well-protected boy.
Moving on to Kel's fiance " David McIntosh, Katie, 36, "Iadded on her Fubar radio show: "I don't think they'll last.
Tonight, Franz kick off a mini-Scottish tour at Stirling's Fubar followed by gigs in Inverness, Fort William, Skye and the Shetlands as they try out material from their eagerly-awaited third studio album, due for release in 2008.
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