Relating to or being a bomb or explosive that releases and detonates an aerosol cloud of fuel in the air above a target, thereby creating a powerful shock wave and very high temperatures.
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This condition, if not detected and corrected, combined with an inoperative fuel tank inerting system, could lead to an uncontrolled overheat of the hydraulic fluid, possibly resulting in ignition of the fuel-air mixture.
In the cylinder there is an accelerating process of combustion of a fuel-air mixture throughout the volume of the combustion chamber.
We have the lean burn technology, which in normal cruising range, the engine continually leans back the fuel-air ratio until you're getting better gas mileage.
This separation between the fuel injection and ignition process offered sufficient time for fuel-air mixing.
In recent years we have derived a method to characterize gases for their knock resistance based on the combustion properties of the fuel-air mixtures [22, 23, 24].
The Grid Burner is a fundamentally different burner design, enabled by innovations that allow the use of a fully premixed fuel-air stream.
With all valves closed, the piston comes back up, compressing the fuel-air mixture.
Tenders are invited for Liquid Fuel-Air Mass Flow Rate Measurement Set Up For Pulse Detonation Engine
As a result, the oxygen molecules penetrate into every molecule of the fuel, which helps complete burning of fuel-air mixture.
Metered fuel is directly injected at low pressure at the beginning of compression into the combustion cylinder, whose piston position is linked to the quantity of fuel being injected to give the correct fuel-air ratio.
If your fuel-air mixture is too rich, gasoline will get combusted in the converter instead of in the engine.
The technology compresses the fuel-air mixture to a sufficiently high pressure and temperature that it ignites without spark plugs, similar to a diesel motor.