Relating to or being a bomb or explosive that releases and detonates an aerosol cloud of fuel in the air above a target, thereby creating a powerful shock wave and very high temperatures.
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If your fuel-air mixture is too rich, gasoline will get combusted in the converter instead of in the engine.
The technology compresses the fuel-air mixture to a sufficiently high pressure and temperature that it ignites without spark plugs, similar to a diesel motor.
Napalm, fuel-air explosives and cluster bombs are just as nasty as poison gas, and perfectly legal.
Another possible cause for the large-scale casualties, and the absence of external injuries on the victims, lay in the regime's use of fuel-air bombs, which create a fireball that sucks the air out of confined spaces, causing those inside to asphyxiate.
Being one of the most delicate parts of any vehicle, oxygen sensor plays a vital role in maintaining the fuel-air ratio, which indirectly helps to control the vehicular emissions.
To maintain flame stability at a point, the velocity of the fuel-air mixture must be within the flame-propagation speed to prevent flashback (Lefebvre, 1998).
Because this is a spark ignited system, you discover that the way we've been igniting the fuel-air mixture for so many years works fantastic--I don't want to take anything away from spark plugs--with today's strategies.
The presence of the particles also increases fuel-air mixing in the fuel, which leads to more complete burning.
Visteon also supplies the Nano's engine air intake manifold, designed to evenly distribute the fuel-air combustion mixture to each intake port in the cylinder head.
In DI diesel engines, swirl can increase the rate of fuel-air mixing [3], reducing the combustion duration for re-entrant chambers at retarded injection timings.
This arrangement allows the engine to operate at a much higher compression ratio - a measure of the amount by which the fuel-air mixture is compressed before being ignited - than normal.
The ratio and atomization of the fuel-air mixture influences directly the combustion efficiency, therefore the quantity of the products.