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or fu-fu  (fo͞o′fo͞o′)
A thick, doughlike West African food made by boiling and pounding a starchy vegetable such as yam, plantain, or cassava.

[From Twi fufuu, Ewe fufu, Yoruba fùfú, or kindred words in many other languages of West Africa .]
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In the third stage, cassava processors were stratified into gari, fufu, cassava flour and tapioca processors.
Visiting a restaurant in the city of Douala or Yaounde for example, one is likely to find major dishes like plantains, ndole, fufu corn and vegetables, achu and kanda, (32) waterfufu and eru, koki and ripe plantains, and cocoyam and vegetables.
After every test, a tough lump like poorly made fufu formed in my throat and stayed there until our exercise books come back.
AoThis is the first time IAAEve had a fufu dog,Ao he says.
Fascinating food and drink facts: While cocoa is the mainstay of Ghanaian exports, traditional domestic foods include thick soups served with potatoes or rice, and fufu, comprising balls of cassava or yams topped with spicy sauces.
There are small boys in this village who would relish the meal, and mothers, should they own a fish, would sell it to buy fufu.
Rose floral fufu dress, pounds 275, from Boudoir Boutique Code: to200508fashion-9; Gold prom dress, pounds 100, by Caroline Oates Code: to200508fashion-4; Milk Lauren dress, pounds 149, from LK Bennett; fabric corsage, pounds 12, from Mikey Code: to200508fashion-8; Black halterneck Thelma dress, pounds 95, from Coast; gold beaded purse, pounds 49.
Those specialty items include things like Three Crab brand fish sauce used in Vietnamese cuisine, boxes of Plantain FuFu Flour, cans of Indian Puck Cream, tins of Roasted Eel, and Durian--an ugly, spiny, football-sized tree fruit from Thailand that has to be sold frozen from a small coffin case freezer in produce.
FOR Christmas dinner we eat fufu (made by boiling starchy vegetables), pork and rice.
The number is complete with a hip hop ode to Mighty Mount Fufu.
I've just heard that the food is gross," said Spring, sipping a Fufu Berry Jones soda.
As I sit here at a desk made in Sweden, using plywood from the Central African Republic, typing on a keyboard made in China, looking at a monitor containing copper from Zambia and utilising software written in the US, drinking coffee made with beans from Burundi mixed with robusta from Brazil, wearing a shirt stitched in Taiwan from Malian cotton, enjoying a meal of fufu from Ghana and pomfret fish from India, I hardly give a thought to the processes that brought all these items within my reach.