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or fu-fu  (fo͞o′fo͞o′)
A thick, doughlike West African food made by boiling and pounding a starchy vegetable such as yam, plantain, or cassava.

[From Twi fufuu, Ewe fufu, Yoruba fùfú, or kindred words in many other languages of West Africa .]
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This pilot for a proposed series follows what happened when the wealthy Fufu visits Britain for the first time.
The so-called junjun chenchen, fufu zizi [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]("a ruler is a ruler and a subject is a subject; a father is a father and a son is a son") postulated strongly in the Confucian ethic spells out the hard and fast boundary that no one should ever trespass.
You might also eat fish, goat, fried plaintains, yams, fufu (dumplings made from cassava root), and wash it all down with ginger drink.
But she also insults his masculinity by treating him as if he were the inertly malleable substance of a woman's daily chores: o nyam aburow, o siw fufu ('she grinds com, she pounds fufu'), the corn and fufu being the Gyamanhene.
For short bursts it is also capable of driving the car with the engine revs at zero, saving fufu l el el el.
I watched it for a week, and based entirely on the taste of Fufu Berry soda, bought 2,000 shares at about 90 cents apiece.
Byline: Liuqing Wei1 Gang Qin2 Xining Yang3 Meichun Hu4 Fufu Jiang5 Tianwei Lai6
The gagging order also insisted there would not be any at at at attempt now or in the fufu futu tu tu ture re re re to "extort, intimidate, attempt now or in the future to "extort, intimidate, harass or impede" the Jackson organisation.
La cuisine kinoise propose plusieurs recettes, dont Fufu, Pondu, Fumbwa, Bitekuteku, Lituma, Mpiodi, Kwanga, Dongodongo et Soso.
In African ACP countries, cassava is a staple food, eaten as fresh roots or as products from the first stage of processing (gari, attieke, fufu, tapioca, lafun); its sale is also a source of income in urban areas.
I do the well-known fufu [plantain mash], and I make the fufu in many different ways, both in shape and content.
Labour requirements for traditional processing of cassava into gari, fufu, lafun and other products are huge (Odebode, 2008).