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adj. fug·li·er, fug·li·est
Vulgar Slang Very ugly.

[Shortening of fucking ugly.]


adj, -lier or -liest
chiefly offensive US and Austral extremely ugly
[C20: fucking + ugly]
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Adj.1.fugly - (slang) extremely ugly
ugly - displeasing to the senses; "an ugly face"; "ugly furniture"
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Marwah, who looked love-struck in all his pictures, has acted in films including Fugly and director Tigmanshu Dhulia's Raag Desh.
The pups - Tasker, Andy, Fugly, Dash, Gismo, Bear, Hermione, Harry, Theo, Bernie, Conkers, Splodges, Freddie, Gertrude and Alvin - are now being nursed by the Guys in Yatton, Somerset.
Since this morning Sudanese army and Janjaweed militiamen attacked three of our positions in Kadmir, Lidy and Fugly in the southern east of Jebel Marra," said Ibrahim El-Hilu, a SLM spokesperson.
Yet while Jamie heralds these as Wolverton's masterpieces, it's those manic fugly faces that stick--like the brick that pierces Joel Holehead's skull--most indelibly in the mind.
I think what happens is, like, out in the outer suburbs, like, fugly people breed with other fugly people, right.
com we have a soft spot for people who've waited until the 11(th) hour to finally scrap their fugly old TVs.
While he acted in a Bollywood film called Fugly , he was also a judge in MTV reality show Roadies .
an hro Kin wa For the former amateur boxer and factory worker, who forged his early comedy career in the obust atmosphere of the Yellow Kangaroo Comedy Club in Cardiff n the mid-noughties, the next six weeks will present another adventure - as he takes his new autobiographical show Fugly to he Edinburgh Festival.
The one here, the rich city girl, holds a whip in her hand, hangs around with a band of fugly girls, wears a catwoman's suit, makes life hell for minions of the village that her father (the Thakur) owns.
A little higher up the food chain are reality TV producers Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan who take on fugly ("frightfully" ugly as they define it) star outfits at their blog, Go Fug Yourself, with a barbed wit that makes Cojo and Joan Rivers seem like gushing fans.