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Miss Churchill, however, being of age, and with the full command of her fortunethough her fortune bore no proportion to the familyestatewas not to be dissuaded from the marriage, and it took place, to the infinite mortification of Mr.
That it would have been beset by worries and apprehension had she been in full command of her mental faculties Clayton well knew; so that while he suffered terribly to see her so, there were times when he was almost glad, for her sake, that she could not understand.
As Oliver accompanied his master in most of his adult expeditions too, in order that he might acquire that equanimity of demeanour and full command of nerve which was essential to a finished undertaker, he had many opportunities of observing the beautiful resignation and fortitude with which some strong-minded people bear their trials and losses.
Jungle folk do not awaken slowly--instantly, full consciousness and full command of their every faculty returns to them from the depth of profound slumber.
But he has full command of his rhythm according to the subject, and can range from the most delicate suggestion of airy beauty to the roar of the tempest or the strident energy of battle.
I had the full command of my senses; and my eyes became used to the darkness, which was lit, here and there, by fitful gleams.
Punjab Minister for Minorities and Human Rights Khalil Tahir Sindhu said that full command over knowledge and technology is imperative for the development of the country.
He was in full command in the second set and won it at 6-1 by breaking 3rd and 5th game of Huzaifa.
Full Command Control and Session Auditing Enables full, granular control and audit of all commands and sessions to network devices.
Speakers at a special prayer meeting paid rich tributes to the departed legendary officer of Azad Jammu and Kashmir police who attained the great honor through successful investigations into various cases of local, national and international repute because of his exceptional and full command on the professional intellect, of the chief investigating officer, on the part of the AJK police to probe into the cases including the famous hijacking case of an Indian airliner 'GANGA' in 1971 to Lahore.
He further added that the students have full command over their work.
Sharing his past experience he said he had full command over his subject that was why he had never applied for any job rather jobs themselves came to him.