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or full frontal  (fo͝ol′frŭn′tl)
1. Completely exposing the front of the body: full-frontal nudity.
2. Of or relating to a direct and open effort, as against an entrenched opponent: a full-frontal assault on the enemy.
3. Completely open and honest; candid: full-frontal candor.


1. informal (of a nude person or a photograph of a nude person) exposing the genitals to full view
2. all-out; unrestrained
a full-frontal photograph


showing the entire front: full-frontal nudity.


A. ADJ (= unrestrained) → desenfrenado
B. CPD full-frontal nude Ndesnudo m visto de frente
full-frontal nudity Ndesnudo m integral
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The consultation on the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act, currently being undertaken by an 'independent commission' appointed by the government, is nothing short of a full-frontal attack on these principles.
Aside from her full-frontal shot, a new photo of Kourtney for DuJour is now circulating, showing of her butt this time, just like sister Kim Kardashian.
But Lohan hasn't signed on the dotted line, and is now reportedly having second thoughts, because the film has scenes with full-frontal nudity.
AYOOLA ERINLE insists he is ready to lead ENGLAND in a full-frontal physical assault on New Zealand after being selected to make his full Test debut on Saturday.
She also claims he gave her cocaine and full-frontal pictures of himself.
As the mind reels at Groening's minor-key revelation (a full-frontal Comic Book Man 7/8 good God, no
Then in an interview I read that he's prepared to do full-frontal nude scenes: "I'm not shy," he says.
I have told bosses I'm prepared to do a full-frontal scene.
Berlin -- In Germany's most popular teen magazine, Deutsche-Welle, child pornography is explicit and bare--that is for teens between 16 and 20 who are featured full-frontal naked in each issue.
A controversial show featuring full-frontal male nudity proved a hit in a market town.
Naked Republicans: A Full-frontal Exposure of Right-wing Hypocrisy and Greed
The teenage British star of Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging and other volumes in the hilarious diaries detailing her wacky adventures with boys, friends, and family (loons all) is off to Hamburger-a-gogo land (the USA) in this sixth entry in the series.