fully fledged

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fully fledged



1. (Zoology) (of a young bird) having acquired its adult feathers and thus able to fly
2. developed or matured to the fullest degree
3. of full rank or status
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Adj.1.fully fledged - (of a bird) having reached full development with fully grown adult plumage; ready to fly
fledged, mature - (of birds) having developed feathers or plumage; often used in combination
2.fully fledged - (of persons, e.g.) having gained full status; "a full-fledged lawyer"; "by the age of seventeen I was a full-fledged atheist"; "sees itself as a fully fledged rival party"
experienced, experient - having experience; having knowledge or skill from observation or participation
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A fully fledged review can only take place once the law on foreclosures comes into force.
The film broke away from the shlocky burekas films and Zionist tropes that had filled earlier Israeli films and instead showed a focus on emotion and fully fledged characters.
Situated in Samail, the new fully fledged branch provides a portfolio of Personal Banking products and services to new and existing customers.
Since the rise of the humble curry dish, Birmingham has re-invented itself as a place for food lovers and it is now a fully fledged foodie city, complete with four Michelin star restaurants.
Summary: Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB), the world's first fully fledged Islamic bank, has announced that it will be the first Islamic bank in Central Europe, the Middle East & Africa (CEMEA) to issue all of its priority and premier customers with Visa Signature Debit Cards, providing them with access to a host of Visa's exceptional benefits and features as well as strengthening its position as one of the most innovative banks worldwide.
A colony of 100 Egyptian fruit bats have become fully fledged residents of the purpose-built bat forest enclosure at the attraction.
Summary: Fans have had their first proper glimpse of the new Twilight film, revealing Bella embracing being a fully fledged vampire.
Heathrow is not a fully fledged hub and never will be.
WHAT IS IT: A historic activity that was used by generations for hunting and combat, in modern times this recreational activity is a fully fledged Olympic and Paralympic sport.
A fully fledged library will be set up in each school in each selected divisional secretariat division.
It marks the next step in the museum's development from train graveyard into a fully fledged visitor attraction.
The firm are in talks with Sir Brian Pitman, formerly chief executive and latterly chairman of Lloyds TSB, about becoming chairman as they prepare to launch as a fully fledged bank later this year.

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