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Adj.1.fully grown - (of animals) fully developedfully grown - (of animals) fully developed; "an adult animal"; "a grown woman"
animal, animate being, beast, creature, fauna, brute - a living organism characterized by voluntary movement
mature - having reached full natural growth or development; "a mature cell"
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The telephone was, in fact, a new social nerve, so new and so novel that very nearly twenty years went by before it had fully grown into place, and before the social body developed the instinct of using it.
I can't tell you till it's fully grown," said the Story Girl.
Birds mate, build a nest, lay eggs in it, sit on the eggs, feed the young birds, and care for them until they are fully grown.
Edward Carranza, Cordillera regional police director, said that after a four-day operation, the Kalinga police, Philiippine Drug Enforcement Agency-Cordillera and the Philippine Army's 503rd IB uprooted some 28,000 fully grown marijuana plants and 112,000 seedlings.
Five plantations of fully grown marijuana worth P10 million were destroyed by the police, soldiers and members of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency at Mt.
HUMAN eggs have been fully grown in a laboratory for the first time, in a breakthrough for fertility treatment.
The happy news comes days after Ms Clancy shared a photo of her fully grown baby bump stamped with the caption "Ugh".
Zika injections shrank aggressive tumours in fully grown mice, yet left other brain cells unscathed.
Plants when fully grown must not block or filter the sight of traffic to pedestrians * After plants and planters are in place on our property, the City will take full control of watering, pesticide applications, and fertilization * Plants for poly pots must be proportionate in size to size of pot.
The bus was reportedly overcrowded with 70 people when it collided with the fully grown elephant.
MEDICAL staff gearing up for a busy weekend are fed up of having to "babysit fully grown adults" who have drunk too much and vomit all over them.
When capybaras are fully grown, their hair does not cover all of their body.

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