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full 1

adj. full·er, full·est
1. Containing all that is normal or possible: a full pail.
2. Complete in every particular: a full account.
3. Baseball
a. Amounting to three balls and two strikes. Used of a count.
b. Having a base runner at first, second, and third base: The bases were full when the slugger stepped up to bat.
a. Of maximum or highest degree: at full speed.
b. Being at the peak of development or maturity: in full bloom.
c. Of or relating to a full moon.
5. Having a great deal or many: a book full of errors.
6. Totally qualified, accepted, or empowered: a full member of the club.
a. Rounded in shape; plump: a full figure.
b. Having or made with a generous amount of fabric: full draperies.
a. Having an appetite completely satisfied, especially for food or drink: was full after the Thanksgiving dinner.
b. Providing an abundance, especially of food.
9. Having depth and body; rich: a full aroma; full tones.
10. Completely absorbed or preoccupied: "He was already pretty full of himself" (Ron Rosenbaum).
11. Possessing both parents in common: full brothers; full sisters.
12. Of or relating to a full-size bed: full sheets; a full bed skirt.
1. To a complete extent; entirely: knowing full well.
2. Exactly; directly: full in the path of the moon.
v. fulled, full·ing, fulls
To make (a garment) full, as by pleating or gathering.
To become full. Used of the moon.
1. The maximum or complete size or amount: repaid in full.
2. The highest degree or state: living life to the full.
3. A full-size bed.

[Middle English ful, from Old English full; see pelə- in Indo-European roots.]

full′ness, ful′ness n.

full 2

tr.v. fulled, full·ing, fulls
To increase the density and usually the thickness of (cloth) by shrinking and beating or pressing.

[Middle English fullen, from Old French fouler, from Vulgar Latin *fullāre, from Latin fullō, fuller; see bhel- in Indo-European roots.]
References in classic literature ?
The accidents of my life have often afforded me this advantage, but never with more fulness and variety than during my continuance in office.
he said, in the fulness of his heart, as the frank, boyish face was lost to his view.
The "Court Circular" pleased me better; indeed, its simple and dignified respect- fulness was a distinct refreshment to me after all those disgraceful familiarities.
In the fulness of time the interesting occasion ar- rived.
fortunate for himself, as it at once brought him into the field of public use- fulness, "gave the world assurance of a MAN," quick- ened the slumbering energies of his soul, and con- secrated him to the great work of breaking the rod of the oppressor, and letting the oppressed go free!
I see a repose that neither earth nor hell can break, and I feel an assurance of the endless and shadowless hereafter - the Eternity they have entered - where life is boundless in its duration, and love in its sympathy, and joy in its fulness.
The text of his order(altered from the original by only a pronoun, which is not much) ran: "The earth and the fulness thereof are mine, saith Monseigneur.
If you had only had the condescension to return my confidence when I poured out the fulness of my art, the night I put you so much out of the way by sleeping before your sitting-room fire, I never should have doubted you.
And now without redemption all mankind Must have bin lost, adjudg'd to Death and Hell By doom severe, had not the Son of God, In whom the fulness dwels of love divine, His dearest mediation thus renewd.
Rebecca, however erroneously taught to interpret the promises of Scripture to the chosen people of Heaven, did not err in supposing the present to be their hour of trial, or in trusting that the children of Zion would be one day called in with the fulness of the Gentiles.
Her body, rounding into the fulness of an early maturity, followed the lines of a Greek goddess; but there the similarity ceased, for her face was beautiful.
As underneath the mulberry-tree I dream, The water-clock drips on, and dawn appears: A new day shines on wrinkles and white hair, The symbols of the fulness of my years.