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Qpal was launched after growing tired of waiting in inexcusable queues at ATM's and fumbling around at cash-only bars that lead to missing significant parts of the show.
They should give men a map, they sort it out eventually but my goodness it takes some fumbling around," she said to housemates India and Rachel.
And finally, when you're hiking into and out of your stand site in the daylight, a fluke shot opportunity may present itself and you can react with no fumbling around.
The cold nights on the hard floor, boiling kettles over lighted fires to make tea or heat a pot of beans, fumbling around in the dark.
His victory has perplexed many politicians and pundits, so they have been scrounging and fumbling around for ways to better 'understand' The Donald, and how he has amazingly trumped everybody else.
It may seem simple--and it is--but you don't want to be fumbling around on your neighbor's front porch learning how when the time comes.
You may not think you need an illuminated fuse box, but if a circuit breaker trips, it's not much fun fumbling around in the dark, trying to find a torch so you can see to turn it back on - especially since fuse boxes are often fitted in dark places like cupboards.
First you will need a little education on the birds and the bees so you're not fumbling around in the dark.
I have to do a lot of reading for my job and fumbling around trying to find a pair of reading glasses in court, struggling to read a legal document makes me look unprofessional and even incompetent which is just not an option.
The door had been left open and when I looked inside, a male pupil and a female pupil had their faces close together and were fumbling around.
Then he sat in the front seat fumbling around with his keys for several minutes.
The Government is fumbling around when it comes to finding a solution.