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Left untreated, tooth decay and cavities can lead to infection of the teeth and gums, tooth loss, poor eating habits, lack of sleep, and deceases in functional ability in school and at home.
Divisional Head Rehabilitation SIH Dr Imad Malik Khan said that physical therapy or physiotherapy is a health care profession primarily concerned with the remedy of impairments and disabilities and the promotion of mobility, functional ability, quality of life and movement potential through examination, evaluation, diagnosis and physical intervention carried out by physical therapists.
Breathe Magic not only improves the functional ability of children with hemiplegia, but also boosts their psychological wellbeing and self-confidence," says Breathe Arts Health Research founder Yvonne Farquharson.
Avoidable blindness left unaddressed, particularly for those who are blind or have severe visual impairment, results in reduced functional ability and loss of self-esteem and contributes towards the reduction of quality of life,' the DOH said.
Based on clinical presentations, five-level GMFCS was performed, whereby level I indicated the highest functional ability, and level V the most severely limited motor function.
Contract notice: A Functional Ability Evaluation Study by a Specialist.
The event is open to disabled people from any area and players will be divided into classifications dependent on their disability and functional ability.
Two new studies have disproven the popular notion that as one ages insomnia increases, and that excessive sleep among seniors is linked to poor functional ability.
Patients with mild Alzheimer's disease who took an experimental drug early in the course of their disease preserved more of their cognitive and functional ability.
The present study examined the use of functional ability profiles to describe a nationally representative sample of preschool children with disabilities as an alternative to or, at least an addition to, global disability categories.
Messner presents a collection of scholarly essays that together argue that, though military applications, specifically weaponized unmanned aircraft, have received the most media attention, there are many civilian applications for a variety of unmanned vehicles with varying degrees of autonomous functional ability.

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