functionally illiterate

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Adj.1.functionally illiterate - having reading and writing skills insufficient for ordinary practical needs
illiterate - not able to read or write
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The Los Angeles native revealed in the book how she was functionally illiterate until high school, how her mother suffered brain damage from a car accident and how the future star was abused by family members, foster parents and an ex-husband she married twice.
With the introduction of subsidies in schools this year through the free secondary education programme, we are waking up to the reality that 70 per cent of the learners are functionally illiterate.
Summary: Many poor readers can sound out words from print, yet they are functionally illiterate -- they comprehend very little of what they can sound out
Consuelo is just one of the 145,000 adults (10%) in our area who are functionally illiterate.
In the United States, for example, the US National Assessment of Adult Literacy found last year that fewer than 2 percent of American adults (15 and older) were illiterate, but an additional 12 percent were functionally illiterate and effectively pushed out of the work force for anything but stoop labor and ditch-digging jobs.
Al Fayez explained that there are around 100 million children who got no education, 785 million people, mostly women, worldwide are considered functionally illiterate as well as 200 million unemployed people.
He stressed the importance of learning to read during the years before third grade, pointing out that a good number of inmates are functionally illiterate.
Turner had to leave school after the third grade and was in fact functionally illiterate when he started the company.
That meant that these students were neither fully nor functionally illiterate, he said.
More specifically, she revealed that 60 percent of the 180 athletes she helped academically read at a fourth- to eighth- grade level and 10 percent of the athletes were functionally illiterate.
Eighty-five percent of all children involved in the juvenile court system are functionally illiterate and so it does not take a great leap to see how illiteracy undermines a child's foundation for success.
In the article, 'Literacy is key to war on poverty,' (The Independent, December 17, 1999), Mr Blair said: "After more than a century of universal education, seven million people--over a fifth of the working age population--are functionally illiterate, much worse than in most other western countries.