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or fund′rais`er,

1. a person who solicits contributions.
2. a social gathering held for such solicitation.


[ˈfʌndˌreɪzəʳ] Nrecaudador(a) m/f de fondos
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Several posts and Department offices have held fund-raisers in recent weeks to benefit local staff in Haiti affected by the January earthquake.
That's why so many mom and pop fund-raisers can survive--they know the local relationship.
Our fund-raisers weren't doing as well as they used to,'' Flotron said.
Total raised by professional fund-raisers over two years: pounds 27,269.
Due to the increased use of vehicle donation programs, GAO was asked to describe (1) the vehicle donation process, (2) the amount of proceeds received by charities and fund-raisers, (3) donor tax deductions, and (4) taxpayer cautions and guidance.
FUND-RAISERS will join fire-fighters for a charity car wash at Canley Fire Station, on Saturday.
More and more fund-raisers like Latham are convincing other black businessmen that there are great benefits to donating money to the political system.
Rohm and Haas Company will honor the top fund-raisers from this year's Rohm and Haas Stair Climb to benefit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.
Mark Pacella, Pennsylvania's chief deputy attorney general and president of NASCO, commented, "NASCO's membership of state regulators is excited about the opportunity this grant creates to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of state regulatory efforts while expanding the public's access to information about charitable organizations and their fund-raisers.
Actress Cheryl Rhoads, a Republican political activist from Toluca Lake, said fund-raisers like the NRCC's are important, impressing upon Hollywood - with a reputation as staunchly Democratic - that Republicans do live among them.
For example, ESPN allows teams to keep 60% of the profits of all magazine sales--which is among the highest retentions among fund-raisers.
Event professionals can assist charity fund-raisers, who are often volunteers, in finding new ways to increase their event's success.

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