fund-raising drive

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: drive - a campaign to raise money for some cause
crusade, campaign, cause, drive, effort, movement - a series of actions advancing a principle or tending toward a particular end; "he supported populist campaigns"; "they worked in the cause of world peace"; "the team was ready for a drive toward the pennant"; "the movement to end slavery"; "contributed to the war effort"
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With the ongoing preparatory work, a top official of MBECL said the company will conclude the fund-raising drive by the end of the current fiscal year.
Angela Duffy will be doing her bit to raise cash for CLIC Sargent's Homes From Home fund-raising drive along with a team from local gas company firmus.
According to a statement released by the CSA, this initiative and fund-raising drive supports PinkDrive, an organisation committed to improving breast cancer education and awareness, and to providing preventative screening services to women across South Africa.
Private companies in Dubai have joined the fund-raising drive for the victims of super typhoon Haiyan in Central Philippines.
We raised nearly pounds 17,000 for the Hospice in 2008 as part of our 100th anniversary fund-raising drive, and we are delighted to be supporting it again this year.
BREAKFASTS are served once a month in Bedworth's oldest building, as part of a fund-raising drive to pay for an extensive restoration project.
FACTUAL Text Santa (ITV, 7pm) Day two of ITV's festive fund-raising drive as Ant and Dec join Holly Willoughby and a host of stars in a heart-warming bid to keep the money rolling in.
The setting-up of James Bulger House at Ribby Hall Village, near Blackpool, comes only six months after Denise Fergus launched a pounds 50,000 fund-raising drive to provide breaks for deserving children.
13, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- DTE Energy employees and the DTE Energy Foundation last month contributed $320,000 to help the hungry and homeless through their annual charitable fund-raising drive.
7 million from Liberty Market on the first day of its shop-to-shop fund-raising drive for the flood affectees.
Pal Michelle Outerson has collected pounds 3500 after starting a fund-raising drive.
Dozens of balloons floated into the sky over the town to launch the store's fund-raising drive.

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