fundamental frequency

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Noun1.fundamental frequency - the lowest tone of a harmonic series
harmonic - a tone that is a component of a complex sound
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The first two values of the fundamental frequency parameter [OMEGA] are presented in Tables 3 and 4 for a pinned-pinned beam, in Tables 5 and 6 for a clamped--clamped beam, in Tables 7 and 8 for a clamped-pinned beam, in Tables 9 and 10 for a pinned-clamped beam, and in Tables 11 and 12 for a clamped-free beam).
The counterbalance impact of tungsten balls in the PID dampens fundamental frequency fa mode vibrations in the PCB assembly.
Vocal fold vibrational amplitude and collision forces are reduced with slightly separated vocal folds, allowing lung pressure and fundamental frequency to be taken high in a pitch glide.
Speech sounds can be described in terms of their acoustic properties, including the following: intensity (or its perceptual correlate, loudness), duration, fundamental frequency, and spectrum (or overtone structure).
Liu [6] studied the relationship between the fundamental frequency of T-type beam and pre-stress.
the recorder, in addition to current and voltage measurements, should provide the following: three-phase active and reactive power measurements using the appropriate voltage and current channels for calculation; fundamental frequency of voltage measurement.
Band filtering on spectrum of deformed fringe image to get fundamental frequency component, then doing inverse Fourier transform to get light intensity distribution corresponding to fundamental frequency, which is described in Eq.
The fundamental frequency of this waveform is highly correlated between the two detectors.
This experimental investigation along with parametric study gave the variation of fundamental frequency with a variety of parameters.
Intrinsic pitch (also known as Intrinsic Fundamental Frequency (IF0)) describes the phenomenon in which there exists a correlation between vowel height and pitch (F0).
Through these tests, we found that we could evaluate the fundamental frequency of WPT's radiated emissions at an open area test site.
Accurate AC measurements require sampling that is synchronous with the fundamental frequency.

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