fundamental frequency

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Noun1.fundamental frequency - the lowest tone of a harmonic series
harmonic - a tone that is a component of a complex sound
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To solve the annoying vibration problem, designing the system so that the fundamental frequency is maintained above 15 Hz is suggested.
The following acoustic variables were measured: average fundamental frequency, relative average perturbation, shimmer, noise-to-harmonic ratio, voice turbulence index, maximum phonation time, and habitual pitch.
The percentage increment of fundamental frequency for 'frame + shear wall' modelling.
The vowels were analysed from four perspectives: (a) the positions of the vowels on a chart displaying formants 1 and 2, (b) duration, (c) pitch or fundamental frequency and (d) loudness or intensity.
The fundamental frequency, which is the lowest frequency in sound, is crucial for speech and music perception, allowing recognition of sounds in complex and noisy auditory environments.
The fundamental frequency decreases from 4 to 1 kHz, and the call has a duration of 171 ms (Table 1).
On reception, consecutive echoes are added resulting in cancellation of odd harmonic frequencies, including the fundamental frequency, and doubling of the amplitude of the second harmonic that is used for imaging.
However, a popular approach to the additive synthesis system is to use frequencies that are integer multiples of the fundamental frequency, which is known as harmonic additive synthesis.

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