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The organized activity or an instance of soliciting money or pledges, as for charitable organizations or political campaigns.

fund′raise′ v.


fund-raising [ˈfʌndreɪzɪŋ]
ncollecte f de fonds
adj [dinner, event] → organisé pour collecter des fonds
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The Charity Commission, the independent regulator of charities in England and Wales, has published new draft guidance which states more clearly than ever that trustees must take responsibility for the fundraising undertaken by their charities.
Updates Highlight Experience in Annual Giving Fundraising, Membership and Advocacy
Fundraising is an ever-increasing priority for the leadership within institutions of higher education.
It was based on innuendo and the opinions of so-called experts who clearly do not understand the practice of direct marketing, fundraising or donor development.
President Obama's march to $1 billion in campaign cash continues, as a combination of small donations and effort by fundraising heavyweights garnered the president $46 million in the second quarter.
Profitable fundraising distribution company provides turnkey fundraising activities for school fundraisers, youth group fundraisers and other non profit, as well as for-profit organizations.
com)-- DoJiggy provides online fundraising software designed to help organizations improve efficiencies by better planning and managing fundraising initiatives with online administration, event management, donation processing and reporting tools.
If you are enthusiastic about a cause and have good communication skills, a career in charity fundraising may appeal.
Both a cathartic source to kindle zest for fundraising work in the reader, and a practical advice guide for rationally and emotionally connecting with potential donors, The Joy of Fundraising divides itself into three main sections respectively devoted on shifting one's thinking, focus, and actions toward cultivating a more positive and successful fundraising environment.
Growing numbers of districts are therefore turning to the Interact for fundraising solutions.
You have to develop the grassroots relationships with the schools and with the teams or whatever group you are looking to fund-raise with," said Pete Bryden, associate director for the ESPN Magazine Fundraising Program.
Such sources of revenue include income from the people who consume and pay for the services of a particular organisation, membership fees from those who may choose to join a particular organisation, fundraising, government contracts and grants, interest or rents received from investments and other business activities.